Oil Based vs Water Based Gym Floor Polyurethane

oil based gym floor polyurethane

Oil Based vs Water Based Gym Floor Polyurethane, which is better? Below are advantages of each however in our opinion oil based polyurethane is better for use on a gym basketball court floor. We recommend and use a product called Bona Sport Poly 350.  Below are some advantages and disadvantages of each.

Oil Based Gym Floor Polyurethane:

  • Has a warmer look and a better shine
  • Provides better traction for fast paced sports
  • Higher solids content means less coats needed and more durable
  • Costs less than water based finish
  • Can only apply one coat per day
  • More flexible finish means less cracking and chipping of finish
  • Ambers more over time

Water Based Gym Floor Polyurethane:

  • Less shine and looks dull compared to oil based
  • Clear color that ambers less
  • Takes more coats because of lower solids content
  • Less odor
  • Costs more per coat than oil based polyurethane
  • More prone to cracking and chipping between boards
  • Can apply multiple coats per day

Whether you want your gym floor recoated or resurfaced with water based or oil based polyurethane we can help.  Please contact us for a free estimate.

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