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Gym Floor Refinishing: 2019 Trends

Gyms have come a long way in the last couple of years. Athletic facilities are gradually becoming multi-use and flexible complexes combining functionality, architectural flair and personality. Gone are the days when gym floors were just simple borders with block lettering. Gym floors now speak volumes about the quality of service and general aura you can expect from a gym. They provide a safe, high-performance surface where all the action takes place. It also aids in preventing accidents and injuries. 

This is why athletic directors and facilities managers are going out of their way to ensure their gym floors are the best equipment in their gym.  

For all its importance, the gym floor has to be maintained and kept in prime condition at all times. It should be smooth and even; free of dust, cracks and scratches. Proper cleaning practices should be followed especially when water is involved. Facilities managers should also ensure they re-coat the floor annually. Unfortunately, this is not enough to keep it in perfect condition for a long period of time. With all the activities going on, it is advisable to consider gym floor refinishing after every 7-10 years or as soon as scratches and cracks start creeping in. This is guaranteed to add a new lease of life to your gym and get everyone excited for the season.

Top Gym Floor Refinishing Trends For 2019


We are in an era of inclusivity where every child is allowed and given the tools to explore all their talents. Consequently, contemporary sports facilities need versatile flooring to support a diverse range of activities. From basketball games, track meets, racquetball, pickleball and dancing events, an ideal gym in 2019 should seamlessly support all these activities. The gym floor, in this case, has to be safe, durable and high performing in accordance with the standards expected of every athletic activity taking place on it.


You might not have thought about it, but the gym floor is actually the most used equipment in the facility. With so many activities and so much foot traffic, modern gym flooring takes a hard beating. Therefore, the floor needs to be tough, strong and long-lasting to keep up with the high-intensity activities it supports. The floor should be hard enough to withstand high-impact activity and heavy loads without a scratch or gouge.

Ease of Maintenance

Modern gym facilities need floors that have minimal maintenance requirements for optimal functionality and performance. Floor systems that lack spaces between the wooden planks and tiles tend to be ideal as they do not accumulate water damage or dirt in hard to reach places. This allows for the floors to be cleaned quickly, efficiently and easily and be in top shape without having to close the sports facility for extended periods of time.

Heightened Safety

Above everything else, every gym floor should first and foremost provide safety and comfort to everyone that steps on it. As such, the flooring has to provide effective protection and good cushioning to the athletes. Ideally, the floor should be shock absorbent, resilient and soft to the touch.

Aesthetic Appeal

When you step into a gym, there should be no doubt whose house it is. The facility should have a distinct personality indicative of the people using it. Gym flooring is now a great medium through which the facility can gain greater personality and boost its aesthetic appeal. Using innovative designs and color themes, modern gyms are using this vast space to make an artistic statement. You can view it like an open canvas. Drawing inspiration from team logo or mascot and with impressive dimensional effects and intricate patterns, you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your facility and build up excitement among the athletes and the public.

So there you have it. If you’re going to refinish your gym floor this year, we’re here to help. Don’t just watch as other gyms transform their facilities to state-of-the-art masterpieces. Contact us today and let us make it happen for you. You can also send us your project for a review. At J & J Gym Floors, we’ll help you transform your gym floor to a masterpiece.

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