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The Top Questions to Ask Your Gym Floor Contractor in New Jersey

Choosing a gym floor contractor in New Jersey that can get the job done can be stressful and challenging.  A lot is riding on your decision, so you can’t afford to decide on a whim. Your gym’s floor will go a long way in shaping perceptions about your brand and facility.  The state of your gym floor is the first thing your patrons will see when they walk in. It’s best to be as careful as possible with your choice of gym floor contractor.

Are you looking for a gym contractor in New Jersey for sanding and refinishing, screening and recoating, painting game lines, logos, or new gym floor installations?  Here are the top 10 gym floor contractor questions you should ask. With the answers you receive, you can simplify your selection process. 

What types of gym floors can you install and repair?

If you’re looking to install a new gym floor, you probably have some ideas on the look you want for your facility.  Still, it doesn’t hurt to get an expert opinion before you make a decision. During a consultation with a gym floor contractor, find out what gym floor types they can install or work on to ensure they can get your job done correctly. 

Do you have any references?

Always verify the track record of any company you’re considering.  The best gym floor contractors in New Jersey won’t hesitate to show off past completed projects.  There should be a portfolio page on their website, but don’t just take their word for it.  Do your research. What are people on third-party review sites saying about the company?  If other gym owners have only good things to say about the brand, there’s a high chance that you’ll have a positive experience with the company as well. 

Are you certified and insured?

Although you certainly don’t wish for mishaps during your gym floor project, it’s still important to only work with properly insured contractors with the right certifications.  If you choose a company that doesn’t have the proper certifications, you may not be able to file a claim if you’re unhappy with the result. The right insurance policy also protects you against any damages an installer might inadvertently cause during the process. 

Will I be charged for gym floor project estimates?

The biggest gym floor companies in New Jersey will have no problems providing you with a free estimate for your gym floor installation or repair.  But other contractors may charge a fee for project estimates. In some cases, the fee is added to the total cost of the project. Find out ahead of time to avoid any surprises down the line with the final price. 

For hardwood gym floors, what kind of finish will you use?

The two main finishes for hardwood gym sports floors are oil and water-based.  Oil-based finishes may give your floor a slight amber appearance after a while, but water-based finishes remain clear.  The main problem with using the latter option is the fact that it can trigger side bonding. This causes the strips of the wooden flow to bond together, making it hard for the floor to contract or expand in line with the weather conditions.  This type of scenario increases the chances of damage. 

The decision should ultimately come down to you. However, your contractor should be able to give you all the details.  They should also have the capacity to deliver, regardless of what you choose.

Will you offer a warranty?

Many gym floor contractors will offer at least a one-year warranty on the work done on your gym flooring.  Others may provide even more favorable guarantees. Find out the entitlements on offer before you make a decision. 

A caveat, though—be careful to not confuse the contractor’s warranty with the warranty the flooring product manufacturer offers.  It’s good to know who will be responsible for any problems that may arise in the future with your sports floor. 

How long will the project take?

It’s vital to have a good idea of how long it will take to complete your project.  With an estimate, you can make the necessary arrangements for your facility. You’ll know if you’ll have to close your gym for a certain amount of time if it’s already operational.  For new gyms, it’s essential to know when you can realistically expect to open your doors again for customers. Find out the timelines, and add a healthy buffer to account for the unexpected.

Will you paint lines and logos?

The biggest gym floor contractors can paint any team symbol, sponsor logos, or any other graphics you’d like to see on your gym floor.  The lines and logos will also be covered by a protective coat that will ensure the designs don’t fade too quickly. J and J gym floors will provide you with a color rendering of your gym floor prior to the start of the project to make sure the project comes out right.

Will you provide cleaning and maintenance instructions?

The best gym floor contractors will provide you with all you need to take care of your beautiful new floors and make them last longer.  Wooden gym floors especially will have a wide range of care tips you’ll have to apply to avoid damage to the hardwood sports floor.  Ideally, you should already know the maintenance requirements of the gym floor option you choose from the first consultation session with the company.

Top questions to ask your gym floor contractor: A takeaway message.

Gym floor installations or repairs can be costly.  You must take all the necessary precautions to ensure you don’t make any mistakes with your gym floor that you may regret in the future. These gym floor contractor questions will help you make the right decisions for your facility and pocketbook.  Here at J&J Gym Floors, we will answer all of your questions about gym floor care and more. Call us at (973) 801-7219 and see why we’re one of the most trusted gym flooring contractors in New Jersey.