recoat gym floor

How Often Do I Have To Recoat My Gym Floor?

Every facility manager understands the vitality of recoating the gym floor. So long as you have spent some time on your hardwood gym floor, a flooring professional would tell you “screening and recoating” is one of the keys to maintenance.

Sure, people tend to use jargons to come across as knowledgeable, but contractors, for instance, understand that recoating can make all the difference. Now, the real question that often bewilders facility managers is how frequently you should recoat your wood gym floor.

Well, in simple terms, wood floor coating ensures durability, but inevitably, it wears out with time. It is no wonder most schools have a dedicated budget to recoat their wood gym floor at least once a year.

What Exactly Is Recoating?

There is a good chance you may have heard of the phrase ‘screen and recoat’. It is one of the most common phrases that refer to the refinish of the floor. Dry-screen, for example, is arguably the most used method to recoat wood gym floors. Contrarily, some schools and institutes use a wet-screen method where you use a scrubber to clean the gym floor and subsequently implement the final finish.

Why Recoat Your Gym Floor

The finish gradually disappears because of the daily friction on the gym floor. With time, this layer becomes scratched and thinner every year. If you allow the coating of your gym floor to wear thin for an extended period, it will not only show stains & scratches, but will decrease the  safety & longevity of the floor.

Naturally, you do not want the damage to exceed to the point where you have to repair the gym floor by sanding. So, when that protective coat becomes too thin, recoat it with another layer.

Set a Time Frame

The regularity with which you should recoat your gym floor depends on the level of usage. If your gym floor is in hard use, it will reduce the life of a floor for good. The best way is to look out for the signs of wear every two years after each recoating. In addition, if you visually see a pattern of scratches, then consider recoating annually.

Remember, the goal to screen and recoat every year is to include a new luster to your gym floor. Simultaneously, the annual recoating will also enhance the friction traits of your gym for safe use.

Though there are several processes, it usually takes about one or two days to recoat the gym floor. The finish, on the other hand, could take additional 3-5 days that would depend on your choice to finish, such as oil-based or water-based.

Contrary to misguided perception, the time gap difference between an annual and three-year recoating impacts the performance of your wood gym floor. Over time, it can jeopardize the safety of the floor, as it gets more and more slippery.

For the protection of the athletes and others who use your wood gym floor, screen it annually. The more you protect the gym floor, the longer it will perform and sustain.

Bottom Line

The recoating brings back the luster of a worn-out gym floor and makes sure it is safe and secure for use. In essence, you need to recoat wood sports gym floors annually. That said, more regular recoating might be necessary for schools and institutions used heavily.