painting court lines

Painting Court Lines Adds Fun and Color to Playgrounds

When it comes to painting court lines, everything must be lined up correctly.  That’s the only way to ensure that the game is played as it’s intended.  A court must be painted precisely; otherwise, problems can occur during the games.

Even though painting outdoor court lines requires great skill and precision, it doesn’t mean this job should be stressful and tedious.  Painting outdoor basketball courts and playgrounds can be an enjoyable project that can add a lot of fun and color to the existing play area.  Here’s how!

What You Should Know About Painting Courts and Playgrounds

Much like painting and designing indoor gym floors, painting court lines and symbols on playgrounds requires great care, preparation, and careful application.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re painting a basketball, tennis, or pickleball court.  The first thing you should do is make sure everything is done to proper dimensions and measurements. 

Different surfaces require different preparation methods that you have to carefully follow when aiming for the best results.

Concrete Court Painting

If you have an existing concrete court pad, you might only need to repair it and apply a brushed finish.  In case you need to construct a new concrete court, it will take up to four weeks until the concrete is dry and usable.

When constructing a new concrete court, your contractor should also apply a brushed finish. The concrete surface needs to have a specific texture that will allow the paint to hold onto something when applied.  If your contractor makes the surface too smooth, the paint will start peeling away very early in its lifecycle.

Before applying court lines or logos, you must make sure that the surface is spotless.  More precisely, alkaline should be removed from the entire surface.  If you want to be extra careful, you can also insist on using an adhesion promoter to ensure the resurfacing paint adheres properly.  Next, your contractor will apply acrylic resurfacing paint.

Concrete courts require less paint than asphalt courts because concrete isn’t as porous as asphalt.  Even though you’ll use less paint overall, you should ideally aim for four coats of paint before laying down game lines.

Asphalt Court Painting

Just like concrete, your asphalt court might already have a pad or require a new one to be laid. If you have an existing pad that needs to be repaired and sealed, your contractor will set a necessary waiting time for it to cure before he paints new court lines. 

In case you need to lay a new asphalt pad, the process will take a bit longer.  The new asphalt pad will require time to cure.  Depending on the climate and weather conditions, this can take from two to four weeks.

Waiting for the asphalt to cure completely is a crucial part of the process, as all of the oils need to come out of it before any further work can be done.  If your contractor tries painting lines and logos before the mandatory waiting period is up, the paint won’t stick well to the surface.  The final result will lack both quality and durability.

After the asphalt court has cured, the contractor should smooth out the surface by applying acrylic resurfacing paint with a squeegee.  In some cases, your court might need two coats of resurfacing paint.  Once the resurfacing paint has been spread, color can be applied to your court or playground, often in just two coats. 

The color will need some time to dry.  Then, your contractor can use a professional taping machine to apply the lines. 

Court Resurfacing

Some courts may require detailed resurfacing before any lines or logos can be painted.  If you have an older court, it’s likely cracked or chipping in some places.  If your court’s surface has started to crumble, this will make it unsuitable for a paint job.

In some cases, chipping, cracking courts can be fixed and ready for paint with a few simple repairs.  But if it’s too far gone, you’ll have to replace the entire surface with a new layer of asphalt or concrete.  Whatever your situation, resurfacing a court before a new, detailed painting is always a good idea if you have the budget. 

Even if your court or playground hasn’t severely deteriorated, resurfacing it is a great long-term solution.  You will get the most life out of your court as possible, and you won’t have to perform any repairs for years.

Make the Right Choice

The sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing your sports court.  Whether you require playground painting or want an acrylic painting of tennis, pickleball, basketball courts, our experts will include you in every step of the process.  If quality and longevity are your main priorities, we will make sure your court or playground gets the best possible treatment!

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