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Why Rubber Sports Flooring is the Superior Choice for New Jersey Weight Rooms

Rubber gym floors are ideal for many indoor sports.  Rubber sports flooring for weight rooms in New Jersey offer the perfect balance of performance, high moisture tolerance, and durability.  As a flooring solution, it can also find its way into multi-purpose facilities that accommodate various sporting and non-sporting events.

In this week’s blog, we want to highlight one environment where rubber sports floors excel — weight rooms.  Continue reading to learn why rubber sports flooring is becoming the prevalent choice for New Jersey weight rooms.

What Makes Rubber Sports Flooring for Weight Rooms in New Jersey a Great Option

Durable, resilient, and flexible, rubber flooring is the preferred option for many weight room owners and sports facility operators.  Here are some of the most significant reasons why rubber sports flooring is the superior choice for New Jersey weight rooms:

Supports Heavy Equipment

When it comes right down to which flooring material is best at supporting heavy equipment, rubber sports flooring comes out on top.  Hardwood flooring would quickly get damaged under heavy equipment.  Other materials, such as foam and plastic flooring, require demanding maintenance practices and can also easily indent under the pressure of heavy free weights dropping. 

In contrast to these flooring solutions, rubber sports flooring is built for maximum impact absorption without indenting.  Its characteristics can withstand heavy weight training while protecting both the athlete and the cement subfloor underneath.  Rubber flooring can hold several tons of weight without bending or ripping.


The last thing you want in your sports facility is for someone to slip and fall while performing a heavy-weighted power clean or squat.  Rubber sports flooring provides an excellent grip. 

It can greatly reduce the chance of athletes slipping and injuring themselves while lifting weights.  Higher quality rubber sports floors have a coefficient of friction that exceeds 80 percent, guaranteeing excellent slip resistance.

Excellent Sound Absorption

Rubber sports flooring is slip-resistant and durable.  It also reduces the vibration and noise from machines and free weights in the weight room.  Rubber flooring has excellent sound absorption capacity and significantly muffles ambient noise.  This makes it great for high-traffic and open areas where sound bounces off the walls all over the room.

Easy to Clean

With the ongoing pandemic, proper cleaning and disinfecting practices are more critical now than ever before.  When it comes to cleaning and maintaining a flooring surface, rubber sports flooring requires simple maintenance practices. 

Since rubber sports floors are water-resistant, disinfecting them is easy.  All you have to do is apply strong cleaners to kill viruses and bacteria.


The trend of switching to more environmentally-friendly solutions and using eco-friendly materials has slowly taken over the market during the past few decades.  It’s no secret that one of the bigger reasons why rubber sports flooring has become so popular is its ecological impact.

Since most rubber flooring products are made from recycled rubber, the amount of waste is significantly reduced.  Rubber is a natural material extracted from the sap of tropical rubber plants.  As a result, rubber flooring products are PVC-free and have a low VOC emissions rating.

Diverse Design Options

Rubber sports flooring solutions come in many varieties, allowing you to custom-fit the flooring to best suit your weight room.  There are several common thickness options of 1/4, 3/8, 5/8, and 3/4 inches.  But you can also request specialty thicknesses ranging up to 2.75 inches.

There are many different coverages and design options too.  The three primary choices you’ll have include:

  • Tiles — The ideal option for any weight room, no matter the size.  Tiles are incredibly convenient if you have an indoor weight room that’s irregularly shaped.
  • Rolls — Rubber rolls are the most cost-effective option of the three, offering an excellent value for money ratio.
  • Mats — A good choice for smaller gyms.  Rubber mats are generally thicker and sturdier than tiles and rolls. 

Easy to Install

Depending on which of the three options you decide to go with, the installation process will vary slightly.  Generally speaking, rubber sports flooring is easy to install. 

Rubber sports tiles are installed by interlocking with each other and don’t require any adhesives. So, you can install them quickly on your own, even if you’ve never done it before. 

Mats and rolls are seen as more permanent rubber flooring solutions since they’re a bit more challenging to install.

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