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Gymnasium Flooring Systems 101: What You Need to Know

Today’s gymnasiums are multifunctional areas used for a variety of different purposes.  From flooring systems in schools and sports complexes to those in recreation and community centers, there’s one thing all floor systems have in common; they’re durable, safe, and high-performing.

Gym flooring systems have evolved significantly over the past few decades.  Nowadays, there are many options to choose from, and picking the right floor system can be challenging.  If you don’t know what to look for, you can end up selecting an unsuitable gym flooring system for your facility. 

But, don’t worry!  We’ve drafted a simple yet comprehensive guide on this crucial topic.  Read on to learn everything you need to know about gymnasium flooring systems.

Hardwood gymnasium sports Flooring Systems: Key Things to Know

Cost of Installation

The installation’s specific cost will depend on the type of hardwood flooring system, the design, surface size, and many other factors.  Because of these particular aspects, the cost of installation can vary significantly from facility to facility. 

That being said, one thing is sure — hardwood flooring systems are the most expensive solution of the three primary systems we’ll talk about on this page.  Prices can range between $11 to $16 per sq. ft.

Longevity and Maintenance

Hardwood sports flooring systems require a regular and demanding cleaning and maintenance routine.  Maintaining a hardwood sports floor is by no means an easy task.  The bare minimum for keeping a hardwood floor in usable condition is to dry mop it at least once a day.

With that said, hardwood flooring systems can last for over half a century if properly maintained. Of course, for a hardwood floor to last so long, you must also employ periodic screening and recoating, sanding and refinishing practices to ensure consistent performance and safety features.


Hardwood flooring systems offer optimum performance across the board for many different sports.  The wood surface of the floor provides excellent shock absorption and surface friction and helps reduce injuries.  The hardwood also ensures perfect ball bounce and area deflection.

Synthetic Flooring Systems: Valuable Information

Cost of Installation

Synthetic sports flooring systems cost significantly less than hardwood floors.  For this reason, they’re a popular alternative for facility operators who can’t afford a wood flooring product. Similar to hardwood sports floors, the installation costs can vary significantly.  It’s much easier to draft a ballpark cost of installation.  You can have a synthetic sports floor installed for $5 to $7 per sq. ft.

Longevity and Maintenance

Since synthetic flooring systems are water-resistant, their maintenance is much easier and more straightforward than for hardwood sports floors.  Damp mopping the floor with a citrus-based cleaner is enough to keep the surface clean and in excellent condition.

However, compared to hardwood flooring systems, synthetic floors have the downside of having a considerably shorter expected lifespan.  With proper maintenance, an artificial flooring system can last for around two decades. 


Synthetic flooring systems are designed to provide a fast, safe, and high-performing sports surface suitable for many different activities.  Synthetic floors are suited for sports like tennis, basketball, volleyball, track and field, and many other activities.  They are highly resistant to heavy impact loads, very durable against general wear and tear, and offer excellent slip resistance. 

Rubber Gym Flooring Systems: Valuable Data to Consider

Cost of Installation

Rubber gym floors are a very budget-friendly solution and the least expensive option we’ve highlighted on this page.  That said, the specific cost of rubber gym floors varies based on the factors we’ve talked about above and the type of rubber floor itself.  This is because rubber flooring systems come in tiles and roles made from different materials (PVC, carpets, artificial turfs, foam).

Longevity and Maintenance

Unlike hardwood flooring systems, rubber gym floors have a high tolerance to moisture.  This means that they aren’t susceptible to damage from indoor humidity and temperature swings. Aside from this, this also makes them much easier to maintain.  Regular mopping with a damp mop is enough to keep the floor in top condition.

Relating to rubber gym flooring systems’ expected life cycle, you can anticipate the same life expectancy as synthetic floors.  A properly installed and well-maintained rubber flooring system will last around 20 years before it starts to lose its performance features.


In terms of performance, rubber gymnasium flooring systems offer excellent features, making them one of the best sports flooring systems in today’s industry.  The biggest advantage of rubber gym floors is that they provide consistent performance in all crucial aspects.  This includes excellent ball rebound, shock absorption, and vertical deformation.

Moreover, rubber flooring systems are made from natural and recyclable materials.  This makes them very environmentally-friendly and healthy, as they have very low VOC emissions. 

Next Steps: Design the Gym Floor of Your Dreams

Depending on which gymnasium flooring system you decide to go with, you’ll have different design options to make your facility stand out from all other gyms around.  For example, if you opt for hardwood, you’ll have an unlimited choice of design options for your floor.  From color layouts and game lines to graphics, logos, and much more, you can make your gym floor unlike any other.

Can’t decide which type of flooring system would be the best choice for your facility?  Our expert flooring contractors will walk you through the entire process and make sure that you choose the best floor for your facility!

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