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Gymnasium Floor Design: Where Sports and Art Meet

Today’s sports flooring industry provides you with many flooring solutions.  Even if you limit your choice only to hardwood floors, you’re not stuck with only several grades of maple flooring without any individual blueprint options.  On the contrary, you’ll have a wide variety of design options to choose from. 

Designing gym floors takes an artistic approach on its own.  It allows you to pour all of your creativity into the project to create a unique and visually stunning surface that won’t leave anyone indifferent. 

With so many bold and unique options available to every gym operator, everyone can transform their plain hardwood floor into an artistic masterpiece.  Here’s what you should keep in mind if you’re designing a new gymnasium floor.

Painting Logos and Expressing your Brand

With today’s technology, you have limitless options for expressing your brand through logos and other gym floor design aspects.  Modern technology makes each step of the design and application process much more effective and reliable. 

That said, the process of choosing and designing your gym floor is anything but simplistic.  It requires you to consider several important factors to ensure the best possible outcome for your sports facility.

Designing According to Your Basketball Floor Court Layout

Your basketball court’s layout and dimensions are crucial aspects you have to factor in when designing your new gym floor — or refurbishing an old one. The layout and design specifications will vary between high school, NCAA, and NBA courts.  But there’s no reason to worry. 

Our experts will work with you every step of the way so you can make the best decisions according to your court’s layout.

Choosing the Right Grade of Maple

Under the MFMA guidelines, there are three different grades of maple flooring.  Keep in mind that these grades of maple don’t indicate quality.  The grading difference doesn’t pertain to the performance of the floor but instead to its appearance.  With that in mind, here are the three grades of maple sports flooring:

  • First Grade Maple — Uniform look with minimal knots and swirls.
  • Second Grade Maple — Slightly enhanced knots and swirls compared to the previous grade.
  • Third Grade Maple — Contains the most swirls and has a significant contrast between the boards.

Ultimately, choosing the maple grade will depend on two factors — material cost and the desired look for your facility. 

First-grade maple flooring is the most expensive because it requires a more thorough selection process to obtain uniform planks.  Such floors are suitable for high-end sports venues and other facilities like dance studios.

Applying Different Stains to Create a New Gym Floor Pattern

If you’re installing a completely new floor, the application process will be completed during the installation itself.  If you have an existing sports floor that you’re looking to renovate, the best time to apply new stain patterns and logos would be when the time comes for a regular sanding and refinishing job. 

You should sand and refinish your gym floor at least once a year — twice if it sees heavy foot traffic.  This process involves removing everything down to the bare wood.  After the contractor sands down the floor, he will clean it and apply the paint.  Lastly, the contractor will use at least two sealant coats to protect your new design and the wood from any scuffs and scratches. 

Choosing the Right Finish

Apart from the design features, you should also decide what type of finish you want for your new gym floor.  When it comes to this, you’ll have two options — water-based and oil-based finishes. Both categories have their advantages and disadvantages.  There’s really no right or wrong answer.

Water-based finishes dry more clearly, but they take several more coats to provide proper protection.  Oil-based finishes take longer to dry.  They also cure in a way so that the hardwood floor appears darker.  This is something to have in mind if you’re aiming for a specific tone of your new maple sports floor.

Develop a Unique Brand with Your Court

High school and professional sports teams often use this chance to promote their team spirit with logos and banners.  Besides providing you with an artistic outlet to represent your school or team, designing a gym floor also offers you a tremendous opportunity to promote your brand. The latter can be an excellent way of paying for your new sports floor if you’re in the position to feature sponsors on your court. 

Whatever option you decide to go for, make sure you pick a trusted and proven flooring company that can keep up with your design goals.  This way, regardless if you have a design in mind or not, you’ll be able to rely on expert help from experienced contractors. 

Often, sports organizations that come to us already have a preferred court design in mind.  We don’t shy away from accepting your requests, as we find great pleasure in helping make your ideas a reality.  If you have a court design in mind, our designer flooring experts will make it happen.

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