custom wall pads for playgrounds

Why Install Custom Wall Pads for Playgrounds?

Outdoor field padding is standard for professional sports venues and even high school facilities. One area that often gets neglected when it comes to this type of equipment is the playground. Kids can be rough when playing outside, and accidents can happen.  Installing custom wall pads for playgrounds can go a long way in ensuring that every child has a fun and mishap-free time in the play area. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the most important reasons why you should install custom wall pads on your playground.

Types of Playground Field Padding

Playground field padding includes a variety of padding solutions that can help make any playground safe and kid-friendly.  The most important types of playground field padding include:

  • Wall Padding — Wall pads are almost synonymous with the entire topic of playground field padding.  Although the specific requirements for wall padding your facility needs will vary, there’s no arguing that this safety feature is necessary for every play area.
  • Support Post Padding — Padding all support posts and columns is vital if you run an indoor playground.  If you have an outdoor playground that features any exposed concrete or metal posts near the play areas, consider installing post padding on these objects as well.
  • Crash Pads — If your outdoor playground includes a climbing area, crash pads are an absolute necessity.  Choosing the right type of crash pads is a little more complicated in comparison to other padding options.  This is because you have to consider factors such as foam composition and stiffness.

Benefits of Wall Pads for Playgrounds

When running around, pushing each other, and playing games, kids can often get carried away and cause injury to themselves or other children.  Head trauma from running into hard objects and fractures caused by falling onto hard surfaces are the two most common types of playground injuries

Besides proper supervision, the most effective way to prevent injuries on the playground is to design and adapt the play area to be safer and free from potentially unsafe parts. 

The best way to go about this is to install custom padding on all hard objects.  With that in mind, here are some of the most significant benefits custom wall pads and other playground padding solutions will bring to your play area:

  • Enhanced injury prevention in collisions 
  • Improved safety for everyone in the playground
  • Enhanced visual appearance

Characteristics of Our Wall Pads for Playgrounds

It’s also vital to note the most prominent characteristics of J&J Gym Floors Outdoor Field Padding:

  • Durable — Our wall pads for playgrounds are incredibly resistant to wear and tear.  More importantly, they are designed from quality materials and can withstand even the harshest elements when used in outdoor playgrounds.
  • Customizable — Our playground pads are highly-customizable.  You can design them in any way you want and make your playground stand out from every other in your area.
  • Easy to Install and Affordable — Safety should always be the number one priority. That’s why we’ve made our pads very user-friendly and economical.  Even if you’re working on a tight budget, you’ll be able to secure your playground with top-quality wall pads.

How to Customize Wall Pads for your Playground

It would be best if you also considered the playground’s appearance.  Custom wall pads can enhance the overall look of the play area.

Brand your playground with a mascot or logo, or give it a new look with different colors and fonts.  J&J Gym Floors Outdoor Wall Pads for playgrounds can help you achieve your design goals. Our designers will work with you to ensure you get the best-designed playground equipment for your facility.

Aside from being highly-customizable, our wall pads for playgrounds are also easy to install. The majority of our custom wall pads can be installed DIY even if you have no prior experience. If your playground is located in an area where we don’t provide installation services, we can ship the pads directly to you!

Get Custom Wall Pads for Your Playground Today

Want to upgrade your playground into a safer environment?  Our customizable and superior quality wall pads will ensure that your playground is safe for all participants. 

If you have any questions about wall pads for playgrounds or want to request a proposal for your projects, feel free to contact us anytime.  Call (973) 801-7219. Or fill out our contact form, and we’ll get back to you without delay.

custom wall padding athlete safety

Investing in Custom Wall Padding for Athlete Safety

From the quality of your flooring to the supporting elements in your gym, safety should make the top of your list.  Unfortunately, when designing a gym, most facility operators often overlook a crucial component — custom wall padding for athlete safety. 

Injuries can occur in a blink of an eye during gym class.  Athletes can quickly lose control of their momentum and balance.  If this happens, they run the risk of hitting a nearby wall, column, corner, beam, or other hard surfaces.  And, without protective wall padding in the gym, they can get seriously injured. 

We are specialists in creating protective wall padding for indoor and outdoor sports facilities.  We feel it’s our responsibility to share our inside knowledge on ensuring maximum protection of student-athletes in the gym and on the field with custom wall padding for athlete safety. 

Safety and Compliance

In many cases, local law obliges schools and sports facilities to install gym wall padding. Although these regulations vary from district to district, there are many good reasons to install gym wall pads.  Suppose you’re not familiar with the current rules and regulations in your area. In that case, it’s best to check the safety code for gyms without delay.

As new safety instruments are continuously developed, the rulebook changes often.  That is why you should always be up to date with the local and state regulation.  With this in mind, don’t shy away from professional help or contact the appropriate regulatory authority.  Ensuring student protection and regulatory compliance should be a priority for every school gym.

Custom Wall Padding for athlete safety: A Must for all Indoor Sports

Concussions are a common injury for student-athletes.  Sports such as basketball and handball are often marked by intense and fast-paced action.  Athletes endure hard contact, dive for loose balls, and can lose control during fast break plays.  A high-impact collision with a hard surface can cause a concussion and sometimes broken bones.

Even in sports with minimal contact, such as volleyball, the risk of concussion is always present. As athletes run to save the ball from going out of bounds, they put themselves in danger of hitting a nearby wall or column.  These injuries can be particularly serious, as the players are often entirely focused on the ball.  This exposes them to more severe injuries.

Every P.E. activity comes with its risks, and there are no athletic activities that are entirely risk-free.  The only question is how to maximize user protection.  The best answer to this is to minimize the possibility of injury. 

Cushioning the blows your student-athletes endure upon impact can help significantly reduce the risk of head trauma.  This brings us to the next important part of this issue.

Avoiding Concussions

Recent statistics show that for people from 15 to 24 years of age, sports-related injuries rank second only to vehicle crashes as the leading cause of concussions.  This is a staggering statistic, especially when we consider that a significant percentage of sports-related concussions can be prevented by ensuring adequate safety standards in the gym.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 300,000 sports-related concussions occur each year in the US.  Studies have also found that high school students are more vulnerable to injuries than older athletes.  It also takes high school students more time to recover from an injury.

Traditionally, school physicians and coaches rely on students to self-report their symptoms.  But, this system is problematic mainly due to two reasons.  Such reports are simply not reliable and valid enough.  More importantly, the students are not knowledgeable enough to determine what constitutes a concussion and what issues could stem from it if it’s not treated correctly.  If left untreated, a concussion can affect the student in three ways:

  • A rare but fatal event, caused by a massive brain swelling
  • A less severe, but debilitating injury with persistent headaches, dizziness, and eventually depression that can last for several months
  • Cumulative long-term health effects

Taking this into account, if you are a facility operator or coach, make sure to play it safe at all times.  Even if you have all of the safety elements in place, it never hurts to be extra careful. Educate your students on this issue, and keep your eyes on the play during gym class.  Suppose you suspect that a student has sustained an injury.  In that case, it’s your responsibility to run immediate testing and provide the necessary help.

Visual Appearance

Safety should always be your number one priority.  But aside from providing added protection, custom wall padding will also enhance your facility’s visual appearance.  Custom-created pads will brighten up your facility and give it a fresh new look.  You can use them to spread brand awareness and build up your school spirit.  You can custom design your wall padding with school symbols and tailor it to fit any space you request.

Is Your Padding Up to the Task?

Gym wall padding can help keep your student-athletes safe while significantly reducing the risk of serious injuries.  It’s one of the simplest and most effective ways to promote safety in your gym.  Don’t ignore the potential safety hazards in your sports facility.  Choose our top-quality, easy-to-all install, custom wall padding, and make sure that your gym is as safe as possible.

We’re based in Northern New Jersey, and we service most of NJ, NY, CT, PA, DE & MD.  We provide our clients with knowledgeable and reliable experts from start to finish.  If you live outside of our service areas, we can ship the wall padding straight to your address, anywhere in the US.  Call us today at (973) 801-7219 or fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you without delay.

outdoor field padding

Top 6 Ways to Brand Your School Gym and Outdoor Field

When reminiscing about past school days, most remember their school’s logo and colors.  For many working adults, the nostalgia and memories of school spirit rarely fade as the years go by.

All of this is the result of effective school branding.  It creates a powerful and firm concept of a particular institution, often driving positive emotions about the entire experience.  For an untrained eye, the process of generating school branding may appear fairly straightforward.  But, there are a lot of essential details to consider when originating school branding ideas.  

Besides providing a variety of services, including selling custom products and equipment, we also specialize in branding.  On this page, we’ll share the six most effective branding tactics that can be of great use if you’re embarking on a rebranding project.

1.     Make the Most of Fencing to brand your outdoor field

Most outdoor athletic facilities have fencing wrapped around the field.  It keeps the players and fans safe and marks the field of competition.  If your school has an outdoor sports facility, you should have fencing around it.  If you already have fencing, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to plaster it with your school’s colors and logos to create an unbeatable home atmosphere. When your athletes see the field plastered with your school’s symbols, they will feel more immersed.  They’ll give their all to win and make their classmates and coaches proud.

Putting walls pads or even adding simple vinyl covers on the fencing is a great way to give your student-athletes the extra motivations to outperform their opponents on home ground.  At J&J Gym Floors, we create custom padding that’s easy to install and is second to none in durability.

2.     Be Creative with the Dugouts and Railings

Dugout structures and railings are often underrated, both in terms of their role in ensuring player safety and offering branding possibilities.  They are essential if you want to maximize the protection of your student-athletes.  These safety structures also provide a lot of free space for displaying your school’s logo, mascot, culture, sponsors, or anything else that can play up team spirit.

Although dugout branding is only applicable if your school has a baseball or softball field, railings are present in most outdoor stadiums.  Consider using these surfaces and other structures, like barriers and railings on track and field stadiums.  They provide a simple and effective way to promote your school’s brand and build a culture.

3.     Take Advantage of Wall Space

School gymnasiums provide you with a lot of free space for building up your school’s brand.  You can add logos on each of the walls and even set aside an entire wall to highlight your school’s achievements and records.  Another great way to take advantage of free wall space is to invest in wall graphics that depict students’ famous moments and past accomplishments.  If you have an outdoor stadium with a press box or other nearby structures, consider putting logos and wall graphics on them.

4.     Don’t Forget Columns and Corner Walls

Posts and corners in a gym facility can pose a significant safety hazard for your students.  In high-contact, fast-paced sports, students can quickly lose control and collide with nearby posts and corner walls.  For this reason, you should have custom padding for every column, post, and corner of your indoor sports facility.  They can significantly reduce the risk of injury.

Installing these pads presents another opportunity to increase your school’s brand awareness. By customizing the pads with school symbols, mascots or logos, you’ll make your gym pop with colors and instill a positive feeling in every athlete who steps foot on the court.  If your gym court is next to your school’s stage, you can include custom-made stage pads.  All of these little details together make a bold statement and leave a lasting impression on every student.

5.     Keep the Logos Simple to brand your school gym

While it’s important that you use the free space in your facilities to promote your school’s spirit, you should also be careful not to go overboard with the design.  Complex logos with too much visual details and convoluted information often fail to convey the message.  Remember to keep the logos simple, bold, and sleek.

You can draw inspiration from other school’s logos, but avoid imitating them.  This makes for a poor branding strategy and could potentially bring legal trouble.  If you need help brainstorming logos and brand ideas, our staff is at your disposal.  They can help you design symbols that best represent your school’s spirit.

6.     Make Your School Brand Unique

Your school is unique, and you should be proud of it.  Your logo should reflect your facility in the best possible light.  But while your logo is critical to brand awareness, it’s only one part of building your school’s brand identity.  That’s why it’s worth taking some extra time to think up other ways to build team spirit around it.  Don’t be afraid to get creative and, if necessary, don’t shy away from an experienced professional’s advice.

Developing or rebuilding a brand can be a challenging task to handle.  If you need help with building up your school’s brand, we’re here for you.  From design work to custom branding products, you can count on us!  With over fifteen years of industry experience and more than 17,000 completed projects, we offer a superior service unrivaled in the industry.  We’ll make sure you get the logos and graphics that best represent your school. Contact us about how to brand your school gym and outdoor field. 

gym class students safe

3 Ways to Keep Student Athletes Safe in Gym Class and on the Field

Every school should put the safety of its students at the top of its priority list. As a responsible facility administrator, it’s up to you to keep your students safe.  But where do you start when it comes to handling such a broad and challenging obligation?  How can you make sure that your school’s sports facilities are as safe as they can be?  On this page, we’ll share three simple yet effective ways to keep your student-athletes safe in gym class and on the field.

Most Common Injuries in Gym Class and on the Field

The number of gym class injuries is growing year after year.  It’s up to the teachers, coaches, and facility operators to mitigate and prevent student injuries in gym class and during track and field.  According to recent research, over 60,000 US students experience some kind of injury each year during gym class.  Inadequate safety equipment or subpar indoor gym standards cause a good portion of these accidents.  The most common injuries include:

  • Dislocated joints — Coaches often see their student-athletes go down from dislocated knees, joints, or ligament injuries due to slipping and awkwardly falling.
  • Concussions — These injuries are common among fast-paced contact sports in which players can lose balance and uncontrollably hit the ground or other objects.
  • Contusions — Similar to the two previous types of injuries, but different in that they can cause more harm to the student and even require medical intervention.

The three above are the most common types of injuries among student-athletes.  Although, there are many other injuries your students can experience due to insufficient safety standards. Let’s address one of the most critical parts of your gymnasium regarding athlete safety — the hardwood floor.

Is Your Gym Floor the Best it Can Be?

In one of our previous blogs, we went into great detail on how a quality gym floor can go a long way in keeping athletes safe from injury.  Low-quality floors significantly increase the chances of player injury, especially in sports such as basketball, volleyball, and any other fast-paced indoor sports.  These activities require a lot of jumping and quick movement changes.

A high-quality and safe-to-use hardwood floor should provide adequate traction.  It should also give the right amount of friction.  Lastly, the floor needs to deliver just enough vertical deformation as athletes jump or run.  Hardwood floors that meet all of these requirements are capable of protecting students from slipping, falling, and injuring themselves.

Gym Floor Hygiene

2020 has been a doozy of a year.  With everything that’s happened, many people are starting to pay more attention to safety and germ protection. 

When it comes to gym floor disinfection, you should implement a regular hardwood cleaning routine using mild cleaners that won’t damage your hardwood floor. 

If you’ve got a high-traffic gym, you should consider cleaning the floor once or twice a day, to minimize the potential spread of viruses and bacteria.  It’s essential to have an excellent COVID-19 hardwood maintenance routine to effectively maintain a high standard of hygiene.

Three Ways to Keep Your Student-athletes Safe From Injury

Aside from the gym floor, your gymnasium should be equipped with many other pieces of safety gear.  For all contact sports, both indoors and outdoors, this includes helmets, mouthguards, and any other equipment that can contribute to the student’s safety and protection.  The facility itself should also be equipped with protective gear.  There are three main types of protective equipment that will keep your students safe during sports activities.  We will go over them now. 

Outdoor Field Padding

Outdoor field padding can considerably improve the safety standards of your sports field. Moreover, with so many customization options available today, you can personalize the field padding with details such as your school’s logo, mascot, and much more.  The field padding will keep your players safe while also improving the look of the outdoor field. 

Adding backstop padding should be your top priority.  It can significantly reduce the risk of sprains, contusions, concussions, and other injuries.  Additionally, if your school has a baseball field, consider installing padding on dugout railings and fences.  While not as popular as field padding, dugout padding is just as important.  It protects both the athletes on the field and the players and coaches sitting in the dugout.

Stage Pads and Scorer’s Tables

Most school gymnasiums are located just below the school’s stage.  If your facility is also structured in such a way, installing stage pads can ensure that your student-athletes don’t get hurt if they collide with the stage.

In most schools, the bleachers and scorers’ tables are relatively close to the court.  Upgrading your court with scoring table pads can help make your gym safer and more visually appealing.  It will protect both the athletes and the fans, and offer you a blank branding surface for you to add customizable details to make your gym unique.

Gym Wall Padding

Gym wall padding plays a significant role in protecting your athletes from a variety of injuries, most notably concussions and head trauma.  It protects players from collision injuries and enhances the safety of all facility users. If you’re looking to enhance your gym’s security standards, installing wall padding or replacing old and worn out pads should be your top priority.

At J&J Gym Floors, we specialize in creating custom safety products and equipment to help your school stay safe and stand out. With nearly two decades of industry expertise and over 17,400 completed projects, our experience is your guarantee!

Is your gym floor in need of refurbishing and redesign?  Do you want to secure your outdoor playing field? Or maybe you need better wall padding.  Whatever it may be, if you need help making your school safer, we’re here for you!  Give us a call now at (973) 801-7219 or fill out our quick online form, and we’ll get back to you without delay.

outdoor field padding

Outdoor Field Padding

Using custom outdoor field padding can enhance the visual appearance and bring liveliness to your outdoor sports facility.  More importantly, having outdoor field padding installed can also significantly improve the safety standards of your facility for both participants and observers. 

If you need outdoor field safety padding or want to find out more about all of its benefits, you’ve come to the right place!  Since 2003, J&J Gym Floors has been helping organizations protect their athletes while increasing their brand awareness with our custom, high-quality designs.

Protect Your Players. Promote Your Brand with outdoor field padding.

Outdoor field padding has drastically improved over the years, both in safety features and visual appearances.  Aside from its primary purpose — protecting the participants on the field — outdoor field padding has other benefits.  By adding it to your stadium or outdoor sports facility, you’ll also be protecting your fans, while spreading brand awareness and building your team’s pride.

As the leading gym floor and gym padding installers on the East Coast, we provide our customers with an array of benefits when it comes to our outdoor field padding.  With a wide variety of available materials, we’ll help you customize your field padding and design it to best satisfy your needs.  You can tailor your wall pads to your brand and personalize details such as colors, sponsors, team logo, mascot, and more! 

Thanks to our proprietary digital printing technique, the wall pads will last you for years to come and won’t peel over time.  Unlike a decal, our quality made digital print pads won’t tear or peel when exposed to outdoor elements.  They can be attached to any surface — from dugout railings to chain link fencing and outfield fencing.   

Backstop Padding

When installing outdoor field padding, adding backstop padding to your facility should be one of your top priorities.  Like column and corner wall pads in indoor sports facilities, backstop padding has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of concussions, strains, sprains, and other serious injuries. If you choose to go with our custom backstop padding, you’ll be able to rely on an extremely durable product that’s second to none.

Dugout Padding

Although the backstop has the reputation of being the biggest culprit for player injuries, especially when it comes to concussions, the dugout also presents unique dangers.  In baseball, catchers and infielders are active around the dugout when making plays.  Installing padding on dugout railings and fences will protect the players who stumble into it.  Dugout padding will also keep players and coaches on the other side of gameplay safe from heavy-hitting impact.

While dugout padding has become a standard in most sports facilities, most facilities only have essential padding that covers the most dangerous parts of the railing.  By investing in custom, high-quality dugout padding, you can add extra security layers and make your sports facility stand out from the rest.

Order Your Outdoor Field Padding Today

Want to upgrade the safety of your outdoor facility?  Our customizable and top quality outdoor field padding will ensure that your players and fans are safe at all times.  Whether you’re looking for dugout padding, backstop padding, or have any questions about outdoor field padding in general, our experts are here to help you!

With over a decade and a half of experience and more than 17,000 completed projects, we provide a full-service approach unrivaled in the industry.  If you live on the East Coast, our services are available in these areas:

  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Connecticut

If your sports facility is located elsewhere in the country, we can work with you online and ship the pads for you, and you can mount them yourself.  While most of our clients prefer to leave this part to our experts, the installation process is relatively simple and straightforward.  Our outdoor field padding and hardware is easy to mount. 

You’ll have complete control over designing and customizing your outdoor field padding.  We’ll work with you during every step of the process to make sure you get the product you envisioned.  To schedule a consultation or request a proposal for your project, fill out our online contact form or call us at (973) 801-7219.

padded scorers table

Padded Scorer’s Table

Your sports facility or gym is an important part of your organization, regardless if you run a high school or a professional sports team.  That’s why you should pay attention to all of the details that make your gym unique — from visual to safety details.  Padded scorer’s tables are just one of several safety products we specialize in.  On this page, you’ll find useful information on these coverings and find out how they can help make your facility safer and visually appealing. 

Benefits of Having Padded Scorer’s Tables

There is a long list of benefits that come with having a padded scorer’s table.  The biggest advantages padded scorer’s tables offer are up next. 

Improved Player Safety

One of the most important benefits these coverings provide is the protection of athletes using your gymnasium.  Scorer’s tables are generally placed up-close to the court, only a few feet away from the action.  This area can be especially dangerous in high-contact, fast-paced sports like basketball.  By installing custom padding on the scorer’s table, you can minimize the chance of your athletes getting injured on impact.

Enhanced Fan Safety

Besides creating a safe barrier for players on the court, a padded scorer’s table will also help protect people on the other side.  If the player loses balance and collides with the table, the judges and scorers at the table, and any fans seated in the rows directly behind the table, will be safe and protected from the impact.

Increased Branding Opportunities

Having a custom-fit padded scorer’s table offers you a lot of room to be creative and show off your brand.  If you want to raise brand awareness of your school team or sports organization, personalized logos, fonts, and mascots printed on the padding surface can achieve this.  Small, custom details will also help build the atmosphere in your sports facility and make your court unique and stand-out. 

Upgrade Your Court with Top Quality Scoring Table Pads

If you’re looking for a reliable partner for your project, you’ve come to the right place.  With over a decade and a half of experience in the industry and thousands of satisfied clients, we’ve built up a reputation as a premier service unrivaled on the East Coast.  We use only the highest quality materials, as well as the newest and most advanced printing techniques for all of our projects.

At J&J Gym Floors, we pride ourselves in providing top-quality services to all of our clients, regardless of the size and type of project.  We can ship the finished product to you anywhere in the country, though most of our customers rely on our expert team to complete the task from start to finish.

Are you ready to bring your sports facility to a new level? Call us today at (973) 801-7219 or fill out our online form and upgrade your gym with a top-quality padded scorer’s tables.

stage pads

J&J Gym Floors Custom-Made Stage Pads

Is your school gymnasium or basketball court right below the stage? If so, then you need custom-made stage pads.  At J&J Gym Floors, we design and manufacture some of the safest wall padding on the market.  All products are made in the US and meet the highest of flame retardancy and durability standards.  If you are a coach or school administrator, then you are responsible for the safety of students and athletes.  Our stage pads will exceed your expectations for athletic safety while also making a bold statement in the gym with branded colors and designs. 

Stage Padding Installation Benefits 

High-contact sports and gym class mean that students and athletes may collide with walls, corners, and posts.  When the stage is part of the gymnasium, you then have another surface area in play that can be a safety hazard, if left bare and uncovered.  By installing stage pads, you are ensuring that your athletes and students won’t get hurt if they collide with the exposed stage. 

Stage Pads: Get the Look You Want

Stage pads don’t have to cover your gym in drab, dull colors.  You can make a bold statement and give your gym a pop of color with our custom-designed stage pads.  Choose from a range of bold and beautiful colors for the vinyl.  Plus, we can digitally print graphics, logos, and quotes directly onto the material.  With a decal, you risk tears and peeling from repeated collisions.  But that’s not the case with printed graphics. 

Stage Pad Colors: 

  • Royal blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Burgundy
  • Gray
  • White
  • Black

Stage Pad Features:

  • Made with 2″ thick, 2.2 lb. open cell polyurethane foam
  • Standard 14 oz. polyester reinforced vinyl coated cover
  • Optional heavy-weight covers are also available
  • The material is mildew and rot resistant
  • Easily cleaned with soap and water

Contact J&J Gym Floors Today for Stage Wall Padding

All vinyl materials we use in our stage wall padding meets ASTM E 84 Class A, NFPA 701-1989 Large Scale and ULC S-109 L&S Scale Test requirements for flame retardancy.  Stage wall padding is safe, durable, easy to clean, and can also ensure that your gym makes a bold statement with bright colors and custom graphics.  Contact J&J Gym Floors today at (973) 801-7219 or fill out our online form to learn more about our stage wall padding installation services.

column and corner pads

Column and Corner Wall Pads from J&J Gym Floors

Make your sports facility safe, functional, and branded with custom column and corner pads. Column and corner wall pads from J&J Gym Floors ensure that poles, columns, posts, and corners are covered in durable and high-quality polychloroprene latex manufactured in the US. Both fire and mildew-resistant, our custom column and corner pads can also match your school or sports facility’s brand colors so your gym can make a bold statement. 

Why install column and corner wall padding? 

Posts and corners in a sports facility can be a major deception and safety hazard.  During the excitement of a game — especially in high-contact sports — athletes risk colliding with columns and posts.  Getting slammed into a corner can also lead to bruises and more serious injuries. For seclusion rooms, custom padding for corners is critical for safety reasons.  By installing column and corner pads, you reduce safety risks to users while also making your facility pop with color and graphics. 

What makes J&J Gym Floors column and corner wall padding different?

Decals peel.  They can also tear with repeated contact during game play.  But we digitally print graphics and logos onto our custom wall pads.  We also offer wall pads in a range of colors that will be sure to match your brand or school spirit. 

Choose from:

  • Royal blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Burgundy
  • Gray
  • White
  • Black

Discuss your unique vision for your sports facility’s column and corner wall padding today. 

We offer 14 oz polyester reinforced vinyl coated covers, with optional heavy-weight colors available.  The vinyl we use to make your column and corner pads meets ASTM E 84 Class A, NFPA 701-1989 Large Scale and ULC S-109 L&S Scale Test requirements for flame retardancy. All material is rot and mildew resistant, and easily cleaned with just soap and water. Contact us today at (973) 801-7219 or fill out our online form to learn more about our custom column and corner pads.

custom wall padding athlete safety

J&J Gym Floors Standard Wall Pads

Standard wall pads can be used in a variety of settings.  Whether you’re looking to enhance the safety of your sports facility, school, or seclusion room, standard wall pads can meet your specifications.  At J&J Gym Floors, we’ve been creating standard wall pads to enhance safety and brand recognition of sports facilities in the New Jersey and tri state region. 

We’ll manufacture high-quality and durable wall padding for your gym that meets your exact specifications and measurements.  We can also incorporate your brand or school’s colors, logos, mascots, and other graphics onto the wall padding for a custom, digitally printed design that won’t tear or peel like a decal. 

What are the benefits of installing standard wall pads?

Wall padding in brand colors and printed with vibrant designs can certainly enhance the look and appeal of your sports facility. But standard wall padding also serves a more practical purpose.  Wall padding protects athletes and users from injury. 

High contact sports like basketball, football, and wrestling increase the risk of injury among players.  But wall padding can reduce these risks and keep athletes safe from harm.  Having standard wall pads installed throughout the gym can protect an athlete from getting hurt if they collide with the wall. Wall padding can also reduce the risk of injury among spectators and fans if they were to slip and fall when walking through the gym. 

Our Standard Wall Pad Construction

When you order standard wall padding from J&J Gym Floors, we’ll create the product to your specifications.  Any outlets, door handles, and other obstructions will be accounted for and custom cutouts will be made.  Our wall padding is made out of:

  • 2” firm polychloroprene latex
  • Open-cell foam cushioning
  • 7/16” OSB backing 14 oz. vinyl

The vinyl is covered in an embossed pattern that resembles leather.  Our wall padding can be made into your brand colors, with custom digital prints for logos, sponsor advertisements, and other graphics to enhance the look of your facility.  For seclusion rooms, you can order wall padding in soothing colors. 

Standard Wall Padding Benefits

  • Protects athletes from collision injuries
  • Enhances safety of facility users
  • Keeps patients safe in seclusion rooms
  • Offers enhanced brand awareness with branded colors and graphics

Our standard wall padding can be mounted onto a variety of materials.  The material is also easy to clean with soap and water and resistant to mold, mildew, and tearing.  Contact us today at (973) 801-7219 or fill out our online form to learn more about our high-quality standard wall pads. 

digital print wall pads

Digital Print Wall Pads from J&J Gym Floors

Your sports facility or high school gym is an extension of your brand, school spirit, and professional sportsmanship.  Digital print wall pads bring liveliness and improved safety standards to your sports facility in New Jersey.  The art of branding can be found with custom made digital print wall pads from J&J Gym Floors. 

Digital Print Wall Pads: Where Safety and Creativity Collide

School logos, sponsorship ads, and other creative graphics can enhance the look of your gym with custom digitally printed wall pads.  Wall padding placed strategically throughout the gym improves user safety.  But digital print wall pads also allows you to display a vibrant, branded image that won’t tear or peel — unlike a decal. 

How J&J Gym Floors Creates Digital Print Wall Pads for New Jersey Sports Facilities

Our team of professional designers can take your existing logo and artwork and have it printed onto high-quality wall padding that exceeds industry standards.  Or, we can create something totally new for your sports facility in the New Jersey, tri state area. 

We use a high-quality digital printing process to bring your unique design into crisp relief.  By using durable UV curable ink, we can print your design directly onto the vinyl fabric used in the wall padding.  The result?  A beautifully branded and custom image that will last for years and won’t tear or peel. 

All manufacturing and creation of your digital print wall pads is completed on-site and under the same roof.  With digital print wall pads from J&J Gym Floors New Jersey, you’re supporting a local business and American-made tradition. 

“Our school has been using J and J gym floors for the past 4 years. They really know their stuff! They’re professional and their work is always amazing. Highly recommended!” – Maria

Our digital print wall padding installation service offers the following: 

  • Hand-made, custom designs
  • Eight colors and white printing
  • Custom cut-outs for outlets, doors, and other obstructions
  • Can ship custom wall pads anywhere in the US

Order Your Custom Digital Print Wall Pads Today

Our processes for creating and manufacturing digital print wall pads meet and exceed industry standards.  Choose from more than eight different colors to create your custom wall print today for your sports facility.  We can install your wall padding throughout New Jersey and the tri state region. vContact us today at (973) 801-7219 or fill out our online form to get started. 

Gym Wall Padding Installation NJ NY CT PA DE

Custom Gym Wall Padding With Logo

Gym Wall Padding Installation NJ NY CT PA DE

Custom Gym Wall Padding With Logo

When replacing the wall padding in your gym consider our custom wall padding with printed logos.  Whether you need just a few gym wall pads or you need custom wall padding to wrap around your entire gym we can help.

We offer the following gym wall padding products and services:

  • Traditional Gym Wall Padding
  • Stage Edge and Stage Front Padding
  • Custom Column Padding
  • Custom Size and Shape Wall Padding
  • Printed Graphics for Gym Wall Padding
  • Re-wrap existing Gym Wall Padding with new vinyl
  • Custom Cutouts in Gym Wall Padding for outlets, switches, etc.

About Us

J & J Gym Floors provides a full line of gym floor services throughout New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.

We specialize in: gym wall padding, basketball court refinishing, gym floor screening and recoating, custom logo designs and gym floor game lines, as well as gymnasium floor maintenance, repairs, and new gym floor installations.

Our Service Area:

  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • NYC: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island
  • Connecticut
  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware
  • Maryland 

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gym wall padding installation

Gym Wall Padding Installation

Wall pads are a common part of every high-end sports facility and have found their way into schools, universities, and fitness centers.  They can be tailored to fit corners, doors, columns, scorer’s tables, and any other objects inside your sports facility.  Moreover, you can customize them with personalized images, logos, letters, and other symbols that will make your team or brand stand out.  Custom gym wall padding for your sports facility can help spread awareness of your organization and put it on the map.

The most significant benefits of installing gym wall padding include:

  • Enhanced safety for players
  • Injury prevention
  • Increased brand awareness

The Process of Installing Gym Wall Padding

For our experienced technicians, installing gym wall padding is a fairly straightforward process, and you can count on us to complete it promptly.  Before we install your custom wall padding, we may first need to come to your facility to get precise measurements and account for every aspect that we need to tailor the padding for.  We provide installation services in the following areas:

  • New Jersey
  • New York (including NYC: Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island)
  • Connecticut
  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware
  •  Maryland

Of course, you can install the gym wall pads on your own if your facility is located outside of our service areas.  Just send us images with specifications, which will allow us to start designing your gym wall padding. 

However, most of our clients prefer working directly with us during the entire process; giving them access to reliable, knowledgeable experts from start to finish.  Also, our wall padding installation technique makes it easy to repair or replace separate pads if they get damaged over time.

Contact us Today

At J&J Gym Floors, we’ve been providing our customers with a superior full-service approach since 2003.  With our experienced support team and skilled technicians, we’ll make sure that you get a high standard service so you can enjoy all of the advantages of top quality gym wall padding. 

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with us, feel free to reach out to our customer service representatives.  Contact us today at (973) 801-7219 or fill out our simple online form to schedule a consultation and find out more about how we can make your sports facility safer while representing your organization in the best way.