gym floor covers everything you need to know

Everything You Need to Know About Gym Floor Covers

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You may not realize it, but people rely on your gymnasium for many things. Sporting activities are obvious, but besides that, your gym is also used for many other events including proms, pep rallies, homecoming dances, community events, elections, and much more.

Because of how versatile and commonly used your gym is, it’s important you provide and protect it with the proper maintenance. But other than cleaning and polishing the sports floor, you should also consider investing in accessories that will protect it, such as gym floor covers.

While simple in design and application, gym floor covers are actually amazing tools that can improve the quality of any gym. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about gym floor covers and why you should use them to protect the quality and longevity of your sports floor. 

What are gym floor covers?

Gym floor covers are maintenance accessories for sports floors, made of durable materials that provide a protective covering for the gymnasium. 

Gym floor covers come in a wide range of materials that can be purchased from a rapidly increasing market. No matter what type of gym floor you have, you can trust that there’s a gym floor cover for it.

Benefits of Gym Floor Covers

Gym floor covers provide many benefits to facility managers, so much so that there’d be too much to list in this article. But the best benefits they offer include:


Gym Floor covers are relatively inexpensive to purchase. Many companies sell them at affordable prices, so you don’t ever have to worry about investing too much in the protection of your gym floors.

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Easy installation

Gym floor covers require virtually no effort at all when it comes to installation. When you receive your covers, all you need to do is decide where they will be installed. Once you decide, just simply place them in the desired area and they’re ready to receive foot traffic. 


Gym floor covers are designed to take on even the heaviest of foot traffic. That being said, you can expect your gym floor covers to last for many years. 

More so, you can also expect your gym floor cover accessories to last a long time as well.

Easy Maintenance

One of the best things about gym floor covers is how easy they are to clean and maintain.

Gym floor covers will receive quite a bit of foot traffic, but that doesn’t mean it will be hard to clean them. Depending on who you purchased your gym floor covers from, your supplier will give you detailed instructions on cleaning gym floor covers.

Cleaning Gym Floor Covers

Each cleaning method required to maintain your gym floor covers will vary depending on the supplier and type of material you purchased.

If you decide to purchase rubber gym floor covers, the best cleaning tools needed are your basic equipment, such as a broom, a mop, a bucket, and a scrubbing brush.

As for cleaners, it’s recommended that you use a non-acidic agent and standard dish soap to clean rubber gym floor covers.

Gym Floor Cover Accessories

Once you order gym floor covers, there are quite a few accessories you’ll want to invest in to get the most out of your purchase. 

Storage Accessories

There may be times when you may need to remove your gym floor covers for a certain event. When this happens, you will need a tile storage cart and rack to efficiently store them.

Carts make it easy to transport your covers instead of carrying them one at a time. Racks make it simple for you to organize your covers when in storage and with a rack, the covers will take up minimal space when not in use.

Installation Accessories

Covers are generally easy to install. But if you want to make the job even more efficient, we recommend you purchase an electric power winder. With this device, you can cut down on the time it takes during installation and removal.

You can also purchase vinyl floor tape and dispensers to cover seams that would look unsightly to athletes and other gym goers.

Everything you need to know about gym floor covers: Which ones Do I Choose?

You will have three different types of gym floor covers to choose from on the market. The type of covers you need will ultimately depend on what sort of events or activities you will be hosting in your gym

Gym Floor Cover Tiles

For non-sporting events, cover tiles are the best choice. 

Gym floor cover tiles are slide and wrinkle-proof, so you won’t have to worry about damage occurring to the floor underneath. Moreover, cover tiles don’t require any adhesives or tape to stay in place. They are also offered in either carpet or vinyl, both of which can be fabricated and sold in a wide range of colors.

These types of tiles also dampen sound, making them ideal to use during concerts and assemblies. 

Vinyl Roll Covers

These types of covers are most common for sports facilities. They’re easy to install and are just as easy to store.

These are probably the most popular choice when it comes to cover types since they’re versatile and can be used for a myriad of activities.

Courtside Runner Carpets and Pre-Cut Vinyl Rolls

These products are more or less gym floor cover accessories — not necessarily gym floor covers. 

Courtside runner carpets and pre-cut vinyl rolls are often best reserved for use in seating sections and on the sidelines as they reduce slip and fall hazards in high-traffic foot areas. These products can also be cleaned as well as stored easily when not in use.

When you order these covers from J&J Gym Floors, we can even customize them for you with logos and taglines.

Now that you know everything about gym floor covers and accessories, it’s time to order. 

From easy-cleaning to protecting your floors, there’s no doubt that these products offer many benefits to gym managers and caretakers. When you’re ready to get covers as well as gym floor accessories, look no further than the gym flooring experts at J&J Gym Floors.

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