Padded Scorer’s Table

Your sports facility or gym is an important part of your organization, regardless if you run a high school or a professional sports team.  That’s why you should pay attention to all of the details that make your gym unique — from visual to safety details.  Padded scorer’s tables are just one of several safety products we specialize in.  On this page, you’ll find useful information on these coverings and find out how they can help make your facility safer and visually appealing. 

Benefits of Having Padded Scorer’s Tables

There is a long list of benefits that come with having a padded scorer’s table.  The biggest advantages padded scorer’s tables offer are up next. 

Improved Player Safety

One of the most important benefits these coverings provide is the protection of athletes using your gymnasium.  Scorer’s tables are generally placed up-close to the court, only a few feet away from the action.  This area can be especially dangerous in high-contact, fast-paced sports like basketball.  By installing custom padding on the scorer’s table, you can minimize the chance of your athletes getting injured on impact.

Enhanced Fan Safety

Besides creating a safe barrier for players on the court, a padded scorer’s table will also help protect people on the other side.  If the player loses balance and collides with the table, the judges and scorers at the table, and any fans seated in the rows directly behind the table, will be safe and protected from the impact.

Increased Branding Opportunities

Having a custom-fit padded scorer’s table offers you a lot of room to be creative and show off your brand.  If you want to raise brand awareness of your school team or sports organization, personalized logos, fonts, and mascots printed on the padding surface can achieve this.  Small, custom details will also help build the atmosphere in your sports facility and make your court unique and stand-out. 

Upgrade Your Court with Top Quality Scoring Table Pads

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