Eco Tile Gym Floor Covers

A hardwood gym floor is a vital part of every sports facility and a significant investment that should be protected as best it can.  Gym floor covers will help protect your hardwood gym floor from scratches from tables, chairs, stages, and the regular wear and tear caused by everyday use. 

Here are the biggest reasons why J&J Gym Floors Eco Tile Gym Floor Covers are the top choice of many schools and sports organizations all over the East Coast!J&J Gym Floors Eco Tile 

J&J Gym Floors Eco Tile Gym Floor Covers come with many advantages.  Some of the top characteristics of our floor covers include:

  • Quick and easy installation —If you wish to install Eco Tile Gym Floor Covers yourself, we offer convenient shipping options.  You can lay the Eco Tiles quickly, without any prior installation experience required.
  • Durability and Tear Resistance — Our Eco Tile Gym Floor Covers are strong enough to endure heavy everyday use, without showing tears. 
  • High Slip Resistance — The last thing you want to see in your gym are injured athletes. Our high slip-resistant Eco Tiles will protect users from falls and injuries. 
  • Easy Cleaning and Stain Resistance — Unlike many other flooring solutions, our Eco Tiles are easy to clean and require minimum maintenance.  They are also highly resistant to stains.
  • Great Visual Appearance and Acoustical Performance — Sleek and attractive, our Eco Tiles are easy on the eyes.  They also provide acoustic qualities of a carpet without the associated heaviness.
  • Compact and Easy Storage — If you have a multi-purpose sports facility that requires frequent floor changes, J&J Gym Floors Eco Tiles are a perfect option.  They’re compact and won’t take up much room in your storage.

Go Green Today with J&J Gym Floors Eco Tiles

At J&J Gym Floors, we aim to provide all of our clients with top-quality, environmentally-sustainable products. 

Our Eco Tile Gym Floor Covers are made from recyclable materials.  The tiles themselves are also entirely recyclable at the end of their lifespan.  Our eco tiles will allow you to increase your organization or school’s appeal by underscoring your dedication to environmentally-friendly solutions.

We have 20 years of industry experience and have worked with thousands of clients from all over the US.  More importantly, at J&J Gym Floors, we’re highly committed to ensuring that our customers are satisfied with our Eco Tiles Gym Floor Covers.  Our experience is your guarantee!

Contact our customer service team at (973) 801-7219 to order your Eco Tile Gym Floor Covers today.