J&J Gym Floors Roll-up Dividers

Roll-up dividers are simple but very convenient tools for dividing specific areas in your sports facility.  They can be a great addition to any gym, as they help increase the facility’s utilization, decrease practice interruptions, and even improve your revenue stream. 

If you’re looking to enhance your sports facility’s value and performance, J&J Gym Floors roll-up dividers are a great way to do it! 

roll up dividers

J&J Gym Floors roll-up dividers are simple to operate and don’t take much time to set up.  Our roll-up dividers are designed with both performance and functionality in mind.  They’re easy to roll up and store without wrinkling or losing any of their original properties. 

The belts are flexible enough to ensure proper wrapping onto the drive pipe without a fault each time.  Motorized equipment empowers the entire roll-up mechanism.  It delivers uniform and continuous results each time you set up the dividers. 

Despite their stability and robust appearance, our roll-up dividers are incredibly lightweight. They weigh approximately ¾ pounds per square foot.

Our roll-up dividers are an effortless way to divide your gym into separate areas whenever you need to.  Attached to a heavy-duty steel supporting structure, and supported by sturdy hoist belts, they can be unrolled and rolled up within seconds with a simple turn of the key. 

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