Rubber Gym Floors

Rubber gym floors are a perfect choice for basketball, volleyball, handball, and many other indoor sports.  This flooring can also accommodate many other non-sporting events with ease if you run a multi-purpose facility or a school gymnasium.

At J&J Gym Floors, we specialize in providing some of the best quality rubber gym floors in the Tri-state area.  Our rubber gym floors will exceed your expectations in both performance and safety.  Contact us today to learn more about our installation process.  We offer rubber gym floor products by Encore. 

rubber gym floorsWhat Are the Benefits of Rubber Gym Floors?

Rubber gym floors offer a long list of benefits when compared to other sports flooring solutions. Some of the most significant advantages of rubber gym floors include:

  • Superior and Consistent Performance — Rubber gym floors are a preferred choice of many professional teams.  They provide exceptional and consistent performance in all critical aspects, including ball rebound, vertical deformation, and shock absorption.
  • Healthy — Rubber gym floors are made from natural, recyclable materials.  They have very low VOC emissions and are allergy and asthma-friendly.  This ensures healthier indoor air quality.
  • Easy to Maintain — Rubber gym floors are much easier to maintain than hardwood floors.  This reduces the need for cleaning services and products and helps save on maintenance costs.
  • High Tolerance to Moisture — Unlike hardwood, which is very sensitive to indoor moisture changes, rubber floors have much higher moisture tolerance. 

Are Rubber Gym Floors Suitable for My Sports Facility?

Rubber gym floors consist of several layers linked together, with each layer serving a different function.  Together, they create a uniform surface with unique features and characteristics.  The most prominent features of rubber gym floor include:

  • Shock Absorption — Gym floors provide ideal levels of shock absorption and ball bounce.
  • Structural Stability — Compared to other sports flooring solutions, rubber flooring offers excellent dimensional stability and indent recovery.  This structural stability also allows for unrivaled acoustic performance in indoor venues.
  • Protection and Wear Resistance — Thanks to the special manufacturing treatment, rubber gym floors are resistant against scratches, stains, and sole marks.

Rubber gym floorsContact Us Today for Your Rubber Gym Floor Project

Rubber gym floors come in many different types, with various installation options.  Plus, they’re highly customizable.  You can choose from a diverse palette of court and game line colors.  You can also add custom symbols, school or team logos, and any other details you envision.

Due to our custom fabrication process, we guarantee that all of the details can endure heavy wear and tear and still maintain a high-quality appearance.  All of the materials we use are asthma and allergy-friendly and easy to maintain.

If you have any questions about rubber gym floors or want to schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable staff, contact us today!  Call (973) 801-7219 or fill out our online form.