Artificial Indoor Turf for Sports Facilities

indoor turf from J&J Gym FloorsArtificial turfs are becoming less expensive and more versatile with each passing year.  It comes as no surprise that more and more sports organizations and schools across the country are choosing turf flooring for their indoor sports facilities.

Whether you’re managing a professional team or operating a school facility, J&J Gym Floors can provide you with top-quality artificial grass turf to improve your athletes’ performance.

Maximum Safety and Performance

The design and manufacturing process of artificial indoor sports turf has improved significantly over the years.  The indoor sports turf we install ensures the highest standards in terms of both performance and safety.

Artificial turfs are highly versatile and can be used in many indoor sports activities.  They’re resilient and shock-absorbent, and they’re easy on users’ joints and muscles during agility and speed courses.

The non-abrasive surface provides traction that helps protect athletes while running and making quick movement changes.  The granules used in the turf are made of recycled rubber, which offers stable surface bounce and makes the turf soft. 

Artificial Indoor Turf: An Excellent Investment

Artificial indoor turf represents a higher initial investment than natural grass.  But this cost is quickly recuperated.  Artificial indoor turf comes with lower maintenance costs and can be used shortly after installation.  You can put your indoor turf under extended hours of use and generate more revenue compared to what you could do with regular grass.

Plus, unlike grass, artificial turf can offer consistent performance even under frequent and heavy use.  It will also maintain its original appearance for years and play a big part in your indoor sports facility’s visual branding.  Artificial grass turfs can provide you with a top-standard performance for over a decade.

Order Your Indoor Turf Today

indoor turf from J&J Gym FloorsBuilding a top-performing indoor turf demands a high level of experience.  With so many companies and contractors competing in this industry, choosing a reliable flooring company can be difficult.  Ideally, you want a contractor to provide you with a comprehensive service for your field, from base to turf.

At J&J Gym Floors, we specialize in providing the top sports flooring services on the East Coast.  With over 17,000 completed projects behind us, our experience is your guarantee.

Our top-quality indoor sports turf provides a near-perfect sports surface day-in and day-out.  It’s easy to maintain and consistently offers top performance.  It also provides you with countless options for customization, so you can express your team spirit or show off your brand!

Our skilled contractors will include you in every step of the process to ensure you get the indoor sports turf you want!  To request a proposal or order your indoor turf, call us today at (973) 801-7219. Or fill out our online form.