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Automatic Floor Scrubbing and Gym Floor Care: Everything You Need to Know

Many gym floor operators are moving away from the traditional manual mopping method to more effective, modern approaches in gym floor care. This includes using automatic floor scrubbing machines. But, investing in an automatic floor scrubber is not an affordable venture. 

Moreover, even if your facility has the funds to invest in an automatic scrubber, there are many things to know before you buy one. With that in mind, on this page, we’ll cover everything you need to know before implementing an automatic floor scrubbing machine in your gym floor care routine.

Biggest Advantages of Using an Automatic Floor Scrubbing Machine

Automatic floor scrubbing machines have revolutionized gym floor care practices. Moreover, they’ve made sports floor maintenance much more convenient and systematic. With that in mind, the most significant reasons why gym floor operators use these machines are:

Efficient Cleaning

An automatic floor scrubbing machine naturally has a much wider scrub path than any manual worker. In other words, you can clean larger spaces much more efficiently with an automatic scrubber than you could manually. As a result, you’ll save time and energy and make gym floor care a lot more streamlined.

More Hygienic

In line with the previous efficiency perk, automatic floor scrubbers are very proficient in controlling the amount of cleaning solution they apply. This makes them more hygienic and environmentally friendly than other forms of gym floor cleaning methods. Not only this, but you’ll be spending less money on cleaning products in the long run.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is one of the most apparent advantages automatic scrubbing machines have over traditional manual cleaning methods. You can get a smaller scrubber that you push from behind or a larger one that you can ride on top of. Both are equally user-friendly, and you’ll have no trouble learning how to use them yourself or training your employees how to operate them.

Faster Drying Times

When you’re cleaning with an automatic scrubber, the floor will take far less time to dry. Equally as essential, using an automatic scrubber eliminates the possibility of uneven drying and wet spots. These are pretty common issues when using manual mops.

This is especially important if you have a hardwood maple floor, as these floors are much more water and moisture-sensitive than other types of sports floors. The MFMA has a specific set of recommendations when it comes to this type of sports flooring. The less water there is on a hardwood floor, the better.

Key Things To Know Before Using an Automatic Floor Scrubber

So, you’ve decided that an automatic floor scrubbing machine is the right solution for your facility. But there are still a few crucial factors you’ll want to consider. So, before you put your scrubber to work, here are the four most important things to take into account:

Know Your Floor

Before you can put the scrubber to work, you need to understand your floor. First, you should know what it needs and what the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations are. Second, the contractor who installed your gym floor should know and recommend the best maintenance steps based on the type of sports floor you have.

But, there’s a simple rule of thumb to follow. Less is more. Use only a small amount of neutral floor cleaner and clean water. Also, don’t go overboard with scrubbing the floor too frequently. 

If you’ve recently renovated your gym floor and done a screening and recoating project, you shouldn’t even use an automatic scrubber for at least 30 days after completing the undertaking.

Remove All Debris 

Before you can use the scrubber, you must make sure there isn’t any debris on the court. Failing to clean the entire area before going over it with an automatic floor scrubbing machine can have severely detrimental effects on the flooring. 

The scrubber will drag debris across the floor, scratching and damaging it. And, the debris could also damage the machine itself.

Thoroughly Check the Scrubbing Machine

Moving onto the scrubber, ensure that you’ve set up the machine correctly so that it can perform as it needs to. Most importantly, examine the squeegee and the pads. Check for any debris or rubbish that could cause scratches. Also, check the wheels and tires for similar issues that could create potential problems.

The best way to go about it is to have a dedicated automatic scrubber just for your sports floor. Then, when you’re not using the same machine for all areas, you won’t need to adjust the device every time before cleaning the gym floor. 

Set the Correct Pad Pressure

When you’re scrubbing the floor manually, you can instinctively tell how much pressure you’re applying as you go. But, when utilizing an automatic scrubber, you have to think about this beforehand and make sure you use the correct pad pressure.

Too much or too little pad pressure will lead to unacceptable results. You need to ensure that the scrubber applies the right amount of cleaning solution and distributes it evenly across the covered surface. 

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