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Choosing the Right School Gym Flooring: Factors and Considerations

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The gymnasium is the heart of every school.  No two schools have the same sports gym flooring.  Depending on their size and location, school districts can have drastically different budgets and have different needs.  To make an educated decision and choose the right gym flooring, you first need to determine what you need.  You need to understand how your facility will be used and what your priorities are.  Continue reading to learn the crucial factors and considerations you should consider when choosing new school gym flooring.

Why Most Schools Choose Hardwood Floors

There’s a good reason why both the coaches and players prefer hardwood floors.  They offer an unmatched level of quality and performance suitable for high schoolers and professional athletes.  Hardwood flooring systems provide the best attributes for vertical deformation, shock absorption, area indentation, and ball rebound.

As a consistent and uniform surface, hardwood flooring not only ensures better performance but also offers enhanced safety features.  It reduces excessive vibration upon impact.  This makes it easier on the user’s joints and minimizes the chance of player injury.  Students’ parents will be able to relax as their children move up and down the court without fear of injuries.

Hardwood flooring must adhere to specific standards, the most significant of which are the ASTM F2772 Specifications and Standards.  These regulations are worth reading through if you’re choosing a new floor.  They will help you better understand hardwood floors’ athletic properties, especially those used in multi-purpose indoor sports flooring systems.

With all of this in mind, hardwood floors come with one downside.  Installing a hardwood floor is more expensive than installing a synthetic one.  Aside from the substantial initial investment, many schools also don’t have the budget for additional maintenance services, such as sanding and refinishing every few years.  But, if your school has the budget to invest in a hardwood maple floor, it’s the best option to go with.  

Key Factors to Address

The hardwood flooring is an essential part of your sports facility.  By investing in a quality hardwood, you’re also investing in your students and athletes.  When choosing the right athletic flooring for your facility, there are a few important questions to address.  Below are some of the most significant factors you should consider when choosing your next school gym flooring. 

Ease of Maintenance

Proper maintenance is a crucial, and often overlooked factor that plays a significant role in your floor’s performance and durability.  When properly maintained, maple hardwood floors can last over half a century.  In line with this, when installing a new floor, you should create a detailed gym floor maintenance plan that you can stick to.

This includes regular cleaning with manufacturer-recommended products and adequate protection for when the floor isn’t used.  Additionally, you should also screen and recoat the floor annually to remove scuffs and provide added protection to the floor.  Before selecting a floor, you should have set plans for each of these maintenance requirements.

Purpose of Use

The material you choose and what the floor will be used for will impact its longevity.  If your gymnasium is used for multi-sport activities, you should choose a flooring type that can offer great all-around performance. 

Aside from its use in sports activities, the gymnasium also serves many other purposes. It’s used as an auditorium, study hall, assembly hall, and for hosting banquets, school dances, and many other occasions. For this reason, you should also consider investing in a floor cover system to protect the hardwood.  Gym covers can come in the form of tarps and carpet tiles, both of which are easy to apply and remove.  

Cost of Installation

For most schools, the budget presents a crucial factor during the decision making process.  It’s often tough to determine a ballpark price for the cost of a new gym floor.  The price will vary based on the type of timber you select, your floor’s design, and many other factors.  It’s essential to keep in mind that the cost of maple hardwood floors can differ depending on where you live.  The cost of a new gym floor will also depend on the required preparation, whether you’re installing a new floor from the ground up, or replacing an existing hardwood floor.

What to Avoid When Choosing School Gym Flooring

We’ve gone over the most significant things you should consider when picking school gym flooring.  But, it’s also important to be aware of the things you shouldn’t do.  Here are some mistakes you should avoid when choosing a new sports floor:

  • Not defining court line priorities
  • Using masking tape to mark lines on the court
  • Failing to create a maintenance plan for your facility

Ensure Long-term Quality and Performance

Investing in a new gym floor is a big decision and requires preparation and research to get the best results.  But choosing the right school gym flooring for your facility doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  Finding and working with a sports flooring company you can trust will make the process easier. 

We can provide you with any information you’re looking for and help you make the right decision for your facility.  Know what you’re purchasing and ensure you get the best value for your investment.  Give us a call today at (973) 801-7219 or fill out our quick online contact form.  Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer your questions!