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What’s the Best School Gym Floor for Safety?

Flooring is an integral part of every facility.  When selecting the right flooring material, especially for complex multi-purpose educational buildings such as schools, this is never an easy task.  If you’re looking for helpful information on how to pick the best school gym floor for safety, you’ve come to the right place! 

On this page, we’ll walk you through all of the essential details to help you pick the most suitable flooring option for your school gym. 

Best School Flooring Options: Characteristics

Schools serve many functions, and as such, require a variety of unique flooring solutions.  To make this guide more streamlined and easier to digest, we’ll divide the flooring options based on the needs of the settings they find themselves in.  Let’s take a closer look at the best school flooring options below. 

Hallway Flooring

Hallways are vital to your school’s visual presentation and are the first thing people will see when entering the building.  Besides the aesthetic aspect, hallways are crucial for every school’s layout.  Here is the essential criteria hallway flooring should meet:

  • Durable — Hallways see the most foot traffic than any other area of the school.  For this reason, hallway flooring must be very durable and able to protect against everyday scuffs.
  • Slip-resistant — To ensure student and personnel safety, every hallway floor should be slip-resistant to reduce the risk of falls and injuries.
  • Silent — With so many people walking the hallways every school day, the hallway floor should be quiet enough, so traffic doesn’t disturb classrooms and lectures. 
  • Easy upkeep — Ease of maintenance makes a significant difference on those rainy and snowy days when all 500 students come to class.  From this perspective, your school’s hallways and corridors must be easy to clean and maintain.

Keeping all of these characteristics in mind, we recommend vinyl flooring as the best solution for school hallways.  Vinyl floors meet all of the criteria stated above and are also one of the most economical flooring solutions on the market.

Classroom Flooring

When designing a classroom, it’s essential to keep in mind the aesthetic appearance of such a room.  It is a place of learning, and thus it must be warm, comfortable, and pleasing to spend time in.  Students and teachers need a healthy environment to focus and perform to the best of their capabilities. 

When considering the best flooring options for classroom floors, there are four viable solutions:

  • Hardwood — If you’re looking for a classic, high-quality flooring solution to give your classrooms the best possible look, nothing beats hardwood classroom floors, especially in terms of indoor air quality in classrooms.  Indoor air quality is vital if you want to keep students safe and healthy.  However, hardwood floors are the most expensive flooring solution.  They’re more challenging to maintain in a classroom environment than the other options on this list.
  • Vinyl Tiles — Vinyl tiles are water-resistant and stain-resistant, making them extremely easy to maintain.  Vinyl classroom flooring is also a very cost-effective solution, as it provides you with excellent longevity at an approachable price point.
  • Laminate — Laminate school flooring isn’t as prevalent as it was a few decades ago. This is mainly because other affordable solutions, such as vinyl, have caught up and even surpassed in terms of value for money.  Laminate is a cheaper alternative for schools that can’t afford hardwood but are looking for the same visual appearance. While not as popular, laminate is still an excellent choice, as it’s durable and resistant to scratches and scuffs.
  • Carpet Tiles — This flooring solution is comfortable, visually pleasing, and offers excellent insulation.  It’s also reasonably easy to install and replace in case of any damage.  We want to note that school carpet tiles should be low-profile.  Lower profile carpet tiles are more durable under heavy and frequent foot traffic.

Gym Flooring

Picking a flooring solution for a school gym is often a difficult task with a lot of challenges.  An average school gym is used for various purposes.  The gym hosts popular sports such as basketball and volleyball to other non-sports school-related events and manifestations.  School gymnasiums are often used for hosting banquets, school dances, and many other occasions.

So, when choosing your new school gym flooring, there are several vital factors to keep in mind to make sure you pick the right gym floor.  Aside from its purpose, other aspects such as the initial cost of installation and the cost and ease of ongoing maintenance are the most significant considerations.

Although polyurethane floors are becoming more common in school sports facilities, hardwood maple flooring remains the most widespread and best-overall flooring solution for school gyms. Since hardwood is dense and highly shock-resistant, it offers the perfect characteristics for multi-purpose sports facilities like school gyms.  Hardwood provides a classic look, and it’s a practical and safe flooring solution to boot. 

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When it comes to gymnasium flooring, every facility’s needs are different.  To ensure you make the best decision, you need to understand your school’s flooring needs and safety demands. 

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